It all began in 1995

JJJ is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the annual hottest 100. As I drove across town the other day I was fortunate enough to hear the first day of their 20 day celebration, where each day they will play the top 20 for one of the past 20 years. So it was my eldest bugs 10th birthday, and JJJ played the top 20 songs from the year she was born, so I was feeling pretty nostalgic and decided to try and tune in again the next day. Well the next day the top 20 was from 1995, I had a friend over for lunch and she said in 1995 she was in year 9. Making me feel a little old(er) as in 1995, another great year, I had finished my degree, packed my bag and got on a plane, for the first time in my life, and headed to Europe. That was the beginning of realizing a long held desire to experience stuff beyond my immediate surrounds. I first started planning that trip in about year 9 when I put a map of the world on my bedroom wall and started sticking in the pins. Like all our trips it took a while to come to fruition and it wasn't all smooth sailing but it got us hooked. 



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    Miranda (Tuesday, 07 February 2023 22:07)

    Truly adorable!