Hi peeps its me Will, I’m going to talk to you about my holiday to Alaska. So first we went and saw our cousins Natalia and Amanda and we went to NASA space centre and learnt about space and I got to go on a show about life on the ISS and my prize was recycled urine (it was actually natural spring water). the next day Cate and I went to the museum when Claire and Sarah went to a water pack the museum was epic!!! There were hundreds of fossils including the best preserved T Rex, a Triceratops, a Diplodocus and 3 Quetzalcoatlus after the dinosaurs we had some lunch yum yum. then we went to the ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the Egyptians and saw mummies with a daddy. then we went home and found out mum lost her credit cards but we found 3 of them. that’s all for now bye.


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    Miranda (Tuesday, 07 February 2023 22:07)

    Truly adorable!