Wednesday 15 June 16, Juneau Alaska


Hi guys it’s me Sarah. I am having a great time here in Alaska we saw bears, deer and eagles. I had a great time in Texas with my cousins Amanda and Natalia we went to the space centre and wet n wild it was so much fun. After Texas we flew back to San Francisco and picked up our RV and went to Walmart for supplies and activities for the road then started driving. Right now we are on a cruise to north Alaska. That’s it for now bye.



Sunday 24 December 2017, Dorsett England


We landed at Frankfurt airport on the 4th of December at 2.00 pm and got the car i can just Remember that is a huge car. it carries 8 people the first place we stayed was a ibis hotel and they are awesome hotels     

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    Miranda (Tuesday, 07 February 2023 22:07)

    Truly adorable!