Battle, Hastings

I was feeling a bit flat about our return to the UK as it symbolised the end of the first phase of our trip and meant we were approaching the half way point. Also we really are only spending such a long time in the UK because of the restrictions on us as Australians visiting continental Europe. But after our first week here I'm feeling really excited about our time here, I had forgotten just how much there is to do in the UK. We have spent the week doing a whole range of different things, all really easily accessed and super child friendly. We have got membership to the English Heritage Trust for a year for £80 so we have been visiting their properties which we can visit for free. So we've seen in one week the White cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle, World War 2 tunnels, the Battle of Hasting battle field and Abbey, Stone henge, dinosaur fossils, historic fishing port, old stone villages and Tudor houses, the Long Man of Wilmington and we didn't have time to get to Brighton which was less then an hour away we had so much to see near by. To top it all off we had a couple of trips to the library, posted home all our summer things and were able to buy the kids some new books for a £1. Loving the UK. Kids are really excited about being about to talk to people and haven't stopped interrogating anyone who will listen.

  1. Day on the beach at Hastings. Note the big jackets on Sarah. Note the crazy English girl swimming.
  2. Walking the 1066 Way around Battle.
  3. On the Battlefield, Battle Abbey.
  4. In the Abbey, built in 1076.
  5. Dover Castle.
  6. Working the well in Dover Castle.
  7. On the throne, Dover Castle.
  8. Fossil hunting, Cliff End.
  9. Stormy weather, Wilmington.
  10. The Long Man, Wilmington.
  11. Furry friends after a wet walk, Friston Forest.
  12. Stonehenge.