I do love this city, on previous visits we have rushed though because we can't afford to stop but this time we stayed in an apartment close to the city centre and had a great time experiencing the city - just walking in the streets and stopping at the local patisserie were as special as seeing the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower. Ask the kids what their favourite thing was and of course they'd say Euro Disney but for me it was just being in Paris, people watching and enjoying simple things like picnics under the Eiffel Tower and walks along the Champs Elysees - all the cliché stuff.


There is a certain feeling in Paris, one of sophistication, I think it comes about not only because of the immaculate dress sense of Parisians and their quiet confidence but also the respectful yet intense conversations that are shared at side way cafes during the evenings. It inspires you to learn French just so you can be a part of it. It funny how I'm drawn to the social customs of other countries, especially Southern European cultures, and tend to feel that they have a greater social connectivity then we have at home, but then I think more about how we live, socialise and communicate (our culture) and it’s just a little different, maybe we just aren't quiet so hot blooded and passionate.


Our apartment was just outside an inner city school and it was really interesting to watch the children come and go, parents doing drop off and pick up, and reflect on how similar it all was to my everyday, but also how different. Made me think of my friend from Uni, Claire, who came out to Australia to study, having grown up on the middle of Paris. What a culture shock Brisbane must have been.


Now home to start learning French.


  1. Talk about the city of love, even the cars cuddle.
  2. Sarah gets her birthday Princess makeover.
  3. Cate is not impressed with flowers painted on her hands and transfers them artfully to her face.
  4. Up and away with Dumbo.
  5. Princess' and the Queen in a carriage.
  6. Arial is lucky enough to meet three Princess'
  7. The force is stong in these ones.
  8. Outside the Louvre.
  9. The kids are a bit excited about seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.
  10. School fieldtrip to the Louvre.
  11. Kids with their substitute teacher.
  12. Cate struts her stuff on the Champs Elysees, pink is in this season.
  13. At the Arc.
  14. Macaroons at the Trocadero.
  15. Under the Eiffel Tower.