Loch Ness, Scotland


The highlands of Scotland hold a special sort of charm, full of legends and myths this remote and peaceful corner of the world is almost a little eerie.


Again more castles and the like, but it’s great, the kids love them and they are all so well set out for families with kids treasure hunts or quizzes to take. Heritage sites also often have staff in traditional costumes doing interactive demonstrations. There's craft tables and dress up corners...it's great, we head for a castle almost every day.


Again we enjoyed walking in the Scottish forests and of course a bit of Nessie hunting on the side. William is pretty convinced that he saw something on the Loch, but that's easy to do as the wind howls across the surface, creating waves, and the overhead clouds cast shadows, and well basically you’re so chilly that you're not thinking straight anyway. No Nessie sighting for the rest of us.