4 Days, 4000 Km (almost)

4 Days, 3750 Km
4 Days, 3750 Km

Norway Tunnel Fire


For those following our travel dates enough to know that we were leaving Bergen this morning (Mon 5 Aug) we wanted to let you know that we are OK. There was a truck explosion and fire in a tunnel that we were to go through today and now 77 people are in hospital, thankfully no fatalities. We had been caught up by an hour leaving Bergen this morning and arrived at the tunnel an hour after the fire started (from the timings in the news reports). A link to the news report is 

http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/1.11166426  Google translate will translate it into English for you. We arrived at the tunnel and saw the billowing smoke as the first emergency crews rushed past us. The tunnel is now expected to be closed for a week. Thankfully we turned straight around and drove halfway back to Bergen and found an alternate route over the Handangervidda National Park which was stunning. We were an hour late leaving town as we had to wait for Ikea to open to go to buy not one but two lamps to replace two that the kids broke yesterday. They finally fessed up to the damage last night 5 mins before Ikea closed, (the store was 10 mins down the road from where we were staying). Somethings happen for a reason. After the holdups we managed to Make it to Dramman, south of Oslo, we had hoped to make it a few more hours down the road to Sweden.



  1. Lining up for the Eidfjord ferry
  2. Cate hitches a ride in the front seat for the ferry ride
  3. Stream on the Hardangervidda
  4. Hut by a lake, Hardangervidda
  5. Glacier, Hardangervidda
  6. Another hut, another lake, Hardangervidda
  7. A MOOSE!!!
  8. Another Moose with baby
  9. Who let the kids have icecream in the car??