Yorkshire Dales, England

A week spent in James Herriot country, made it painfully apparent that I grew up with only ABC while Craig had access to channel 7,9 and 10 also, he didn't know anything about the funny vet in the Dales.


The Yorkshire Dales are really delightful and as with elsewhere in England, there were lots of Castles, Manor Houses and ruins, which we have all been really enjoying. We have an English Heritage pass, which means we have free access to all of their sites. The memory that really stands out for me in this area however is the walking. I'm a huge fan of the public footpaths in the UK and in the Dales they really come into their own, paths cross through nearly every paddock and you can just walk and walk.... through the fields and over the stiles. It was serene and picturesque, oh.. until you can across a wild looking ram. There was some weird breed of sheep in the area we were staying in, the ewes looked perfectly normal but the rams looked like a cross between and pig and a sheep, there was just something not quiet right about them...just a wee bit scary. We would move pretty quickly across a paddock when one of them was near by.


The other thought I reference back to the Dales is the realisation that we had to accept Catherine's car sickness had reached the point of impacting on what we could and couldn't do - not great when the road Jeremy Clarkson describes as the only truly picturesque road in England is literally a couple of kilometres away. What to do.....we left it to the day we left and drove out via it...yes stunningly beautiful vistas and we survived it without any messy incidents.