We went to Prague as I have such fond memories of visiting in 1995. It was the first place that really moved me, firstly with its fairy tale architecture and cobble stone street charm, I thought places like this only existed in story books. Beyond the beauty of Prague, when I visited the Jewish Quarter I had my first insight into the atrocities of WW2. I was travelling on my own and spent a lot of time sitting on Charles Bridge taking it all in.


We knew we would be in Nürnberg and with Prague only 3 hours away I couldn’t resist sharing its magic with the children. In 95 the word on the street was that it was getting busier with more and more tourists starting to come, and I had heard from people who had visited in recent years that this was the case. And this is the overwhelming memory that I take away with me.


As I sit here and reflect on our few days there, I can’t help feel a little sad that some of the charm of this beautiful city has been lost within the mobs of people. No more opportunities for quiet time to reflect, you can’t even stand still on the Charles Bridge these days for the wave of movement going on around you. And the local vendors can’t help but seize the opportunity to up the prices and we found central Prague considerably more expensive then Germany.


I’m not sure if it’s a hang over from communism, or stressed out officials dealing with masses of people, but we were moved on several times when we did try to be still for a moment. Once we were sitting on a grassy area outside the Prague Castle when two army guys come along and told us we couldn’t sit there – no signs anywhere. Makes it hard work with all the kids when you can’t take a moment to stop.


Prague itself is as magnificent as it has always been, and perhaps a trip mid winter would reinvigorate the soul, as peak season chaos could not. Or maybe it was just having 4 kids in tow – that takes the charm out of anything.

  1. Climbing the stairs in Malá Strana to Prague Castle
  2. Checking out the view, Malá Strana
  3. Changing of the Guard, Prague Castle
  4. St Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle
  5. Stained glass windows, St Vitus Cathedral
  6. Gothic architecture and gargoyles, St Vitus Cathedral
  7. Armour display on the Golden Way, Prague Castle
  8. View of Prague old town from Prague Castle
  9. Claire reluctantly shares Trdelnik, a traditional Czech rolled pastry
  10. St Vitus Cathedral
  11. On Charles Bridge
  12. Astronomical Clock in Prague old town
  13. Tyn Church, Old Town Square, Prague
  14. The romance of Prague never dies, Old Town Square, Prague
  15. Astronomical clock tower
  16. St Vitus cathedral at night from Charles Bridge