Lake Como

Again I'm well behind in my updates on our trip, so I'm going to be super brief, which is really easy for lake Como because we did almost nothing. It was a lovely location to just sit and enjoy the quiet and the view. I had great plans to do a couple of day trips, including a drive around the lake and one up into Switzerland, but after driving around 1/4 of the lake on the way to Lezzeno we didn't have much motivation to do more driving. Again really narrow roads, very windy and some crazy drivers. We encountered a fatal accident on our way around where a young man had taken a corner badly and driven into a cliff face, he was a local boy and they drive around the lake for thrills. 

It was lovely to just stay around home for a few days, we swam in the lake, played on the beach and visited Bellagio but my favourite outing was a trip up into the mountains behind the lake to a hikers refuge (refugio) one evening. The refugio offered beautiful views over the lake as the sun set and we enjoyed a meal of traditional polenta and pork knuckle. Our host from Lezzeno took us up to the refugio as it is her favourite place and being tucked away up in the hills, we would never have found it without her. It was a really special evening.

  1. View of Lake Como from our Balcony
  2. View of Lake Como from our Bed
  3. There are worse places in the world to do homework
  4. Villa on Lake Como
  5. The beach
  6. Fish spotting
  7. Can this place tick off any more cliches?
  8. All smiles from this Reds fan
  9. Fireworks on the lake to the soundtrack of Pavarotti. Cliche tick.
  10. View to Lecco from Civena
  11. Cycling museum, Magreglio
  12. At Refugio Martina
  13. Refugio Martina
  14. View from the Refugio back over Lake Como at sunset
  15. Swimming at Lake Como. Cliche Tick.