After battling with some mind boggling traffic with the autobahn shut down due to congestion we had 3 wonderful days in Nürnberg with our friends Daniella and Sebastian. We meet these guys in 2002 when we were both camping on a beach in Chile, Pan de Azucar. Meeting up again in Pisco, the place to go for Chilean lemon liquor, a firm friendship formed. They visited us in Australia in 2004, and finally we meet up again. They inspire us greatly as a travelling family. Two years ago they took their 2 young boys on a 3 month camping trip to Namibia and Botswana, what an adventure.


Daniella and Sebastian delighted us by sharing some of the treasures of their home town and the children had a wonderful time playing with their boys, Tomas and Philip. The language barrier was overcome with board games, uno, ball games and lots of tiggy – fangen in German. Sarah has learnt that word well and pause (pronounced pow-se – which means break).


The thought that stays with me most from our time in Nürnberg is how much the locals here embrace summer and the out doors. On Sunday we took a drive into the country side and visited old castle ruins. Looking down the valley from the vantage point of the top of the ruins I saw people riding bikes and the path by the river on which groups were fishing, swimming and kayaking. The valley had an old train line running up it and every half and hour a steam train passed full of day trippers enjoying the country side. There were lots of people hiking, picnicking or just sunbaking by the creek and in the fields. Beside the creek and trainline there was a beer garden selling beer and cakes, and a wooden pallet pontoon to sit with a beer and rest your toes in the cool water. As we picnicked we were serenaded by the local oompah band at a festival in the town down the valley – the sound travelled up the hill to our lunch spot. There was activity everywhere with people enjoying the simple pleasure of a sunny day. No shops are open on Sundays and everyone heads to the country, even in winter.


The next day, after looking around Nürnberg’s old town, playing in the fountains and riding in the driverless trains, we found another beer garden in a park where the kids played “fangen” while the parents chatted. Every road in Germany has a wide bicycle path beside it and bikes are used for everyday transport by many people. The people here have learnt how to enjoy a simpler lifestyle. I’m not sure it this is a reaction to extremes in climate so you soak up all the sun while you can (the weather has been absolutely glorious while we’ve been here) or I have blinkered vision and only see the lovely things… but it’s really wonderful.


Lastly an enormous thank you to Daniella, Sebastian, Tomas and Philip for sharing their home and lifestyle with us. Your hospitality was fantastic and greatly appreciated.

  1. Farm Cottage in Franconian Switzerland, Nürnberg
  2. Nieback Ruins, Franconian Switzerland, Nürnberg
  3. One of the games that the local kids play is sticking a seed pod to their noses like a butterfly landing. Sarah gives it a try.
  4. Outside the cave entrance, Franconian Switzerland, Nürnberg
  5. Playing in 1000 yr old Linden Tree, Franconian Switzerland, Nürnberg
  6. We need one of these playgrounds at home.
  7. Turning the ring for good luck in the Hauptmarkt, Nürnberg
  8. Cate loves Icecream
  9. Fachwerk Houses, Nürnberg
  10. Henkelsteg Bridge, (Hangman’s), Nürnberg
  11. Blowing bubbles, outside the St Lorenz Cathedral, Nürnberg
  12. Fountain play, Nürnberg
  13. Fountain play, Nürnberg
  14. Where’s the driver?? Driverless subway trains in Nürnberg
  15. Beer and Uno on the Wiesen (Field). Nürnberg
  16. Boarding the pirate ship, Playmobil Land, Nürnberg
  17. Rafting, Playmobil Land, Nürnberg
  18. Water play, Playmobil Land, Nürnberg